Top Board Meeting Software for Remote Teams

The cooperation of decentralized teams is an everyday topic for companies today. Board meeting software is a platform for managing meetings, tasks, and projects. So, what are the top vendors for remote collaboration?

Remote collaboration in the board meeting software

Digitization in companies has increasingly led to a more intensive exchange of information. Recently, this situation has been exacerbated by the ongoing work in the home office. Companies have had to adapt quickly and organize their everyday work virtually in the last year. It is not always easy to manage teams and projects remotely. Although solutions such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams facilitate exchange and communication, they do not offer a solution for the missing information structure.

As a result, the board of directors is drowning in a flood of information and is suffering more and more from the new phenomenon of “meeting fatigue.” All the meetings and follow-ups take up a lot of time, and keeping track of delegated tasks is tedious because it’s difficult to keep track of them. The board meeting software is the solution for working together efficiently. It is a cloud-based platform that combines task, session, and project management for efficient collaboration of collegial bodies. The software allows board and committee members to make crucial decisions between scheduled meetings. All decisions are automatically entered into the decision register. In addition, with enterprise-grade security and sophisticated management tools, the board software is easy to use in any organization (both non-profit and profit).

What are the benefits of the software?

Board meeting software ensures the significant benefits for remote teams:

  • Data Security

Data security is one of the most significant benefits of virtual boardrooms. They have robust security features, including two-step verification that limits unauthorized boardroom access, data encryption, digital watermarks, and audit trails that help board administration monitor all board activities.

  • Faster deals

Board portals are ideal places to do business because they bring buyers, sellers, and third parties together in one place. For example, if an organization wants to make a capital investment, senior management will oversee this. Boardroom administration can temporarily add external parties to the boardroom, such as legal advisors, intermediaries, financial advisors, etc. You can exchange documents, hold meetings and communicate in a secure environment. Most importantly, every board activity is recorded and made available for deals.

  • Transparent and efficient document management

What makes virtual boardrooms a breeze for many directors is the ease of managing documents. Moving to the virtual world eliminates printing out thousands of documents for each meeting. Such customization reduces costs and helps directors find the necessary documents faster, speeding up the whole process without affecting decision-making. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the paperless meeting solution makes your company more climate-friendly. Going paperless is also closely linked to reducing costs. Some board meetings can require thousands upon thousands of documents to spend a few hours discussing and finding solutions.

The best board software solutions for remote teams

So, remote teamwork is a reality. Since the board members no longer work in the same place, the question of the IT infrastructure also arises. In addition, modern board portals allow board members to access board materials without an internet connection. We have gathered the top 10 the most preferred board meeting software that is suitable for remote teams:

  1. Boardmaps

  2. Diligent

  3. Nasdaq

  4. Boardable

  5. BoardPaq

  6. Ansarada

  7. Boardadvantage

  8. Boardeffect

  9. BoardMax

  10. EasyBoard.